Craig Schuster, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Mr. Schuster is the Director of Engineering and a registered professional civil engineer (PE) at Airport Solutions Group (ASG). Mr. Schuster has expertise in civil design, construction, construction inspection, quality assurance, and project management for a wide range of aviation and land development projects. Mr. Schuster brings his 29 years of experience in the aviation industry to work hard for clients in meeting their needs. His extensive experience includes: Working with clients to develop their Capital Improvement Plans; coordinating with the FAA and State aeronautical agencies to determine funding sources; AIP and State grant processing; survey and soils analysis; pavement design; layout and grading of runways, taxiways, and aprons; airfield lighting, marking, and signing plans; preparation of Airfield Sign Master Plans; Exhibit “A” preparation; detailed construction phasing programs; environmental and planning agency coordination; construction cost estimating; FAA, Massachusetts Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division, and local Airport Commission coordination; and construction inspection and administration services. Craig leads our Engineering department.