Summary of ASG Services

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Airport Design & Construction

Airfield Drainage & Stormwater Mgt.
Airfield Lighting / Signage / NAVAIDS
Airfield Pavement Analysis
Airport & Heliport Design
Airport Buildings
Airport Layout Plans
Airport Pavement Markings
Airport Security Fencing & Gates
Construction Management Services
Field and Construction Surveys
Full Time, On-site Observation of Construction (Resident Engineering)
Land Surveys and Topographic Maps
Mill, Shop and Laboratory Inspections
Photogrammetric Surveys
Preparation of Record Drawings
Runway Safety Areas [including EMAS]
Runways / Taxiways / Ramps / Aprons
Soils investigations Including Sampling, Tests and Analysis
Vegetation Removal / Tree Clearing


Airport Master Plans
Airport Buildings
Airport Layout Plans
Airport Minimum Standards
Airspace Obstruction Anaylsis
Capital Improvement Planning (CIP)
Environmental Analysis & Permitting
Exhibit “A” Property Maps
FAA Part 139 Airport Certification Manuals
Land / Easement Aquisition
Landside Facilities
Part 77 & TERPS Airspace Analysis
Pavement Management Plans
Program Handbook Development
Project Feasibility Studies
Special Environmental Studies
Statewide Airport Security
Statewide Airport System Planning
Vegetation Management Plans

Value Added

Airport Information Mgt. Systems
Assisting the Sponsor in the Preparation of Necessary Applications for Local, State and Federal Grants
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Legislative Outreach and Support
Program Handbook Development
Public Information and Community Involvement Surveys, Studies and Activities

Equipement Procurement

ARFF Vehicle Purchase
Mowing Equipement Purchase
SRE Vehicle Purchase

Airport Marketing
and Finance

Airport Business & Financial Consulting
Airport Marketing Services
Capital Funding / Project Finance


Aerial Mapping
Wildlife Monitoring
Inspection Services
Airport Imaging