In keeping with the latest innovations and technology, ASG is proud to introduce our new S-UAS Services. S-UAS or Drones allow us to facilitate, improve and bring greater efficiency to our Engineering and Design services while also providing value added services to our clients. Our drone can be used for Airspace Obstruction Analysis, Construction Observations and various imaging needs for example. It offers many potential services for our airports in assisting with the ongoing management of airfields, such as inspections of pavements, fence lines and facilities as well as the ability to assist with marketing and presentation images, to name a few of our services. See the complete list of services offered. Please contact ASG to see how we can use these services to help you!

ASG Engineering Services Enhancements


Airspace Analysis- Obstructions
Topographic Mapping
Ortho Mosaic Images


Support Subs with Wildlife Hazard Assessments


Construction Inspections


Progress Images during Construction
“Before” and “After” shots
“Snap shots” in time
Presentation Materials

Airport Support Services

Aerial Mapping

Wildlife Monitoring

Assist Airports with overall view of wildlife on the airport.


Fence line
Identification of luscious activity
Accident Imaging

Inspection of Pavement Conditions
Inspection of Fence line
Inspection of Facilities and Equipment
Inspection of hard to reach locations ie off airfield

Airport Imaging

Aerial Photography for airport marketing
“Before” and “After” shots
“Snap shots” in time
Presentation Materials