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EWB Airport Master Plan

Click here to go to the New Bedford Regional Airport Master Plan Study microsite.

Our Services

ASG offers a full complement of services including airport planning, engineering, CADD design, project management, and construction administration. We also offer additional expertise in specialty areas of aviation including statewide and regional system planning, project funding, airfield operations and airport security.

Aviation Planning Services

ASG has received high praise from its clients and critical acclaim from government officials for employing innovative design approaches and technical solutions in recent planning projects. Our work product exemplifies attention to detail unmatched by our competitors. ASG innovation greatly improves the planning process by enhancing conventional planning services, thereby enabling us to provide meaningful and accurate master plans, airport layout plans, Exhibit-A property maps, feasibility studies and other planning work products. We also offer services for supporting statewide and regional system planning including Pavement Evaluation and Analysis, Airport Valuation Assessment, Capital Improvement Program Development, Airport Information Management Systems and Statewide Airport Security.

Design & Construction Services

Our team of engineers offers decades of experience in airfield design and construction management. Our project managers have expertise with airfield pavement projects, airspace obstruction analysis & evaluation, aeronautical surveys, vegetation removal, design of environmental mitigation measures, grading & drainage, airfield NAVAID installations, Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS), airfield fencing, pavement markings, airport lighting systems and airfield signage. Our strategic business partners also provide us the ability to design and manage building projects such as Airport Administration Buildings, Aircraft Storage Hangars, ARFF and SRE Buildings, and Airfield Electrical Vaults.

Airport Marketing & Finance

ASG is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with capital funding and project finance. Our team includes former government officials with particular expertise managing state and federal funding programs. We provide expert grant writing services and routinely navigate our clients through complex funding cycles. We can also assist with airport business plan development and marketing services. ASG also provides miscellaneous marketing services to its clients including design and development of logos, flyers and signs, and airport brochures.

Additional Aviation Services

ASG provides client support to plan and procure equipment that meets your facility needs with an understanding of real-world operations and limited maintenance resources. From the local level to statewide and regional trends, ASG offers a unique perspective of the aviation market place and economic climate that affects general aviation.

Summary of ASG Services

Airfield Drainage & Stormwater Mgt. Capital Improvement Planning (CIP)
Airfield Equipment Purchase Construction Management Services
Airfield Lighting / Signage / NAVAIDS Environmental Analysis & Permitting
Airfield Pavement Analysis Exhibit "A" Property Maps
Airport Security Fencing & Gates Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Airport & Heliport Design Land / Easement Aquisition
Airport Buildings Landside Facilities
Airport Information Mgt. Systems Part 77 & TERPS Airspace Analysis
Airport Layout Plans Program Handbook Development
Airport Marketing Services Runway Safety Areas [including EMAS]
Airport Master Plans Runways / Taxiways / Ramps / Aprons
Airport Minimum Standards Statewide Airport Security
Airport Pavement Markings Statewide Airport System Planning
Business & Financial Consulting Vegetation Management Plans
Capital Funding / Project Finance Vegetation Removal / Tree Clearing