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EWB Airport Master Plan

Click here to go to the New Bedford Regional Airport Master Plan Study microsite.

Recent Projects

Our team includes aviation professionals that have a proven track record of completing airport development projects on time and on budget. ASG provides a full complement of services to its clients in areas such as airport planning, environmental analysis & permitting, land acquisition, equipment purchase, engineering, CADD design, project management, and construction administration.

Pavement Construction & Rehabilitation

ASG is currently involved with a project to Reconstruct Taxiway 'A' (3,900' x 50') at the New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB). Poor subsurface soil conditions require full-depth reconstruction of the taxiway. Electrical work on the project involves the installation of 118 new taxiway edge lights; approximately 14,000 linear feet of new 5kv electrical cable and counterpoise; 12 new airfield guidance signs; a new 15 kw regulator and associated electrical vault improvements; electric hand-holes; installation of new conduit and concrete-encased duct; relocation of existing taxiway lights; and various other improvements.

In 2015 ASG completed a major $12.5 Million runway project at the New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) in New Bedford, Mass. The project involved the Reconstruction and Extension of Runway 5-23 (5,400' x 150'). Pavement construction involved various methods of rehabilitation including: full depth construction, partial depth reconstruction, as well as mill and overlay. The project also included extensive grading and drainage improvements, a new runway lighting system (HIRLS) and new taxiway lights (MITLS) for new taxiway extensions at both ends, the installation of two new MALSR approach lighting systems, a new PAPI, construction of a new wetland mitigation area, runway grooving, and 35 acres of tree clearing. Runway 5-23 at EWB was previously 5,000’ x 150’ with an instrument landing system (ILS) at the Runway 5 end and an intersecting secondary Runway 14-32 (5,000' x 150'). ASG’s design included reconstruction of the runway plus a 400-foot runway extension, thereby achieving a new overall length of 5,400 feet.

Also in 2015 ASG completed a project at the Taunton Municipal Airport (TAN) in Taunton, Mass. to construct a new taxiway. This new Taxiway ‘B’ crosses an existing wetland area and opens up a significant upland area with private auto access for private hangar development. The project included new pavement construction, taxiway lights and signs, a new access road, fencing improvements and a new electrical slide gate, and construction of a large detention pond to mitigate storm-water runoff pursuant to MassDEP regulations.

In 2014, ASG completed the second phase of a three-phase construction project to Rehabilitate Taxiways ‘A’ & 'B' and the Terminal Apron at the Orange Municipal Airport (ORE) in Orange, Mass. The project involved the reconstruction of existing bituminous pavement including new grading and extensive drainage improvements required to meet current state and federal storm-water management standards. The project involved the installation of approximately 3,250 linear feet of new concrete pipe, 22 catch basins and 2 “doghouse” manholes. Construction was phased over two years, and completed in 2014. The combined total project cost of Phase I & II was approximately $2.5 Million.

ASG Innovation

ASG was previously involved in a pavement research grant from the FAA through special funding from the William J. Hughes Technical Center in New Jersey. The principal investigators are the Pavement Research Institute of Southeastern Massachusetts (PRISM) and UMass-Dartmouth. The goal of this research was to recommend and evaluate several pavement rehabilitation strategies for ramps located at NPIAS designated non-hub, primary commercial service airports. ASG advised UMass Dartmouth and FAA personnel on experimental pavement rehab strategies as they relate to FAA design criteria and industry-standard practices.

Environmental Analysis, Coordination & Permitting

ASG has significant experience managing environmental review & permitting projects. ASG was the Prime Consultant on a project to the New Bedford Regional Airport for a Final Environmental Impact Statement / Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIS/FEIR) and Permitting for Runway 5-23 Safety Areas (RSA) and Runway Reconstruction. New safety areas required a longitudinal shift of the runway which involved filling over seven acres of wetlands at the Runway 5 end. Environmental impacts required mitigation of rare species, wetlands, bank and flood plain. ASG successfully managed a team of specialty sub-consultants with expertise in environmental permitting, survey, aerial mapping and noise analysis.

After more than a decade of study from a platoon of various other consultants, the project hit a road block and was denied by environmental regulators. Then ASG was selected as the new consultant-of-record to the New Bedford Regional Airport. ASG and its team of specialty sub-consultants resurrected the project with a new Purpose & Need and secured final approval of the FEIS/FEIR from state and federal environmental regulators as well as a Record of Decision (ROD) from the FAA.

The FEIS/FEIR included an extensive public outreach effort involving a myriad of local, state and federal environmental regulators, non-governmental organizations (NGO), elected officials, individuals and other interest groups. Environmental resource agencies involved in the project included the New Bedford Conservation Commission, the Dartmouth Conservation Commission, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP), the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USF&WS).

AASG is extremely proud of its role leading the effort to secure the necessary environmental permits and approvals for the project.

Airspace Obstruction Analysis / Vegetation Removal

Phase I construction pursuant to the EWB FEIS/FEIR project referenced above, involved approximately 320 acres of vegetation clearing at both ends of Runway 5-23 at the New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB). Vegetative airspace obstructions were identified by ASG engineers using state-of-the-art software and a detailed obstruction analysis. Construction was heavily regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) through issuance of its Variance Order of Conditions, as well as federal environmental regulators including the US EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Nevertheless, through close coordination and regular communication with DEP, construction was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

ASG also completed a significant obstruction removal project at the Orange Municipal Airport (ORE) in Orange, Massachusetts. Using FAA guidance for the identification of airspace obstructions, ASG performed a detailed obstruction analysis and identified airspace penetrations to approach and transitional surfaces for Runway 14-32 at ORE. ASG then managed a project to purchase 54 acres of land in "fee simple" and three off-airport avigation easements that were identified by the obstruction analysis effort for airspace protection. ASG engineers then completed the design, permitting and bidding process for a significant tree clearing and brush removal project. Over forty acres of trees and brush were cleared at both ends of Runway 14-32 and in the approach surface to Runway 01. Through this series of projects ASG successfully assisted the Airport by regaining over 2,000 feet of runway previously encumbered with displaced thresholds, greatly expanding the utility of the airport and helping to ensure the safe operation of aircraft using the Orange Municipal Airport.