A message from Mayor Jonathan F. Mitchell

The City of New Bedford is internationally known as the number one fishing port in America. The world’s most famous whaling-era seaport, the City has a rich history and cultural heritage. It is home today of a burgeoning arts and culture scene, and boasts the presence of three colleges. The City competes in the global economy through an effective intermodal transportation network. We are connected to national and international business markets via road, rail, a deep-water harbor, and a first-class commercial service Airport. The New Bedford Regional Airport is a gateway to both the nation’s air transportation system and the global marketplace.

A recent study released by the Massachusetts DOT - Aeronautics Division indicates the New Bedford Regional Airport contributes $26 million annually to the regional economy. Besides the obvious benefit to aviation, the Airport offers a vital link to the national transportation system and is a major economic engine for businesses and residents of the South Coast area by creating jobs, facilitating business activity, and supporting tourism. This Master Plan Study will analyze existing facilities, forecast future aviation demand, and produce a blue-print for future airport improvements to assure the city and surrounding communities continue to have a safe and efficient airport facility for years to come.

A message from Airport Commission Chair Paul L. Barton

In today’s time-sensitive business environment, air transportation improves overall efficiency by enabling businesses to expedite customer service and deliver their products to market faster than ever before. Local residents and visitors alike also utilize the New Bedford Regional Airport for their own leisure travel to destinations on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The Airport’s primary mission is to maintain the highest level of safety and operational efficiency to facilitate business travel, support tourism, and promote general aviation use.

The Airport Commission has initiated this Master Plan Update and has established a general direction to be taken toward the preparation of this plan and program through a set of defined goals, objectives and issues. This website has been designed as a resource to answer questions about the project, and keep stakeholders and the general public up-to-date on the most recent activities and information regarding the EWB Master Plan Study.

Please take a moment to explore the site and familiarize yourself with the project. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and/or comments.


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